3D-printed goodies

(the wholetone revolution arrives in the mail) 

Visit my Shapeways shop for four different sizes of wholetone panpipes in left and right handed versions,


wholetone keyboard adaptors,


not forgetting the revolutionary Honeycomium chordal lap organ!


You can choose your material among various color plastics and steel alloys.

Mind you, if you are buying a panflute to play (and I hope you do),  save money and avoid the metal ones, which could tire you out and bruise your jaw. Stay lightweight, the sound will not be affected in the least.

Improvising method

coverbig(to play like singing in the shower)

If you’ve studied improvising from any of the textbooks available you may remember wondering: When am I ever going to be free of all these modes and alterations and just be able to blow? Or you were told by your teacher to start transcribing a whole bunch of licks from your favorite soloist. How did that work out for you? I gave up within a week. Because it’s a terrible way to collect ideas. A time consuming way to end up sounding  like someone else.

But what if you really could find a shortcut to start playing what is in your head immediately? Using the same mental process used by great improvisers from Django Reinhardt to John Coltrane? That would be a really valuable tool. You could use it to streamline your training and become more fluent, more melodic, and more true to yourself.

Shortcut to Improvising Fluency is a radical new method that offers melodic autonomy to musicians and music teachers, the kind of intuitive armory they need to develop solid musical reflexes and Inner Game, to build their own convincing musical personality.

Shortcut to Improvising Fluency uses the MOVES turbo learning method, a distillation of years of research dedicated to finding you the shortest, quickest path to playing exactly what you hear in your head.  No faffing around, mysteries or vagueness. Great for guitarists, it also forcibly weans the classically chained from chart dependence and is packed with radical teaching ideas. No music reading required!

Available in Kindle (the print is kinda small) or or in paperback (recommended) by clicking on the button below:


And finally a little app for you to tap out tunes on an intuitive keyboard, brought to you by the makers of the Chromatone:



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