Interval training

There are plenty of ways you can train your interval recognition. Here is one you can idle away the minutes with: This guy’s site is full of goodies, all free. I love his work.

Theta Music Trainer is a site I like for fun original ear training games, with sliders to choose your level. You need to sign up for a free account. In English, Spanish or Japanese.

Ear Training Method

I haven’t tried this out, but is an amazing site, and this is produced by the same team, with over 20 hours of audio:

Interval recognition from songs

Identifying intervals from songs you know is a great gateway to intervallic awareness. You can find lists of song examples here and here.

And here is a link I was given that only works in some areas. It didn’t work for me but you could be lucky if you happen to be downwind of it.

Intuitive instruments for improvisers

And here is the site I made years ago full of click’n’play intervallic instruments, and an interactive guitar dictionary that has nothing to do with the rest of the site, but gets ten times more hits anyway:


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