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Playing like singing in the shower

In my ongoing research into finding the best instrument for learning to “play like singing in the shower”, and in the process helping you, the gentle reader, to do the same, one instrument I have placed near the top of … Continue reading

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How to convert your panpipe to wholetone tuning

So your Gran bought you this beautiful Romanian nai for Christmas and the first thing you want to do is convert it to wholetone tuning so you can play all your favorite Charlie Parker tunes on it – in all … Continue reading

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Why kids give up

“I did a bit of piano when I was little” How many times have you heard that? Do you even need to ask what went wrong? The piano keyboard, whose design dates back to before the discovery of equal temperament, … Continue reading

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Ear Stretching Exercise

This is a daily exercise I invented for the whole tone panpipes. The aim is to strengthen the ear to take command of the instrument. With the panpipes you are forced to play blind, unless you use a mirror. But … Continue reading

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