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How to be a Bomber (Perfect Love Casts Out Fear)

Across the road from me is an area where the old men play their pétanque, or as the English prefer to call it, boules. And most afternoons when there isn’t a game on, one particular fellow can be found there … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Licks

What is a lick? A lick is a musical phrase. But not every musical phrase is a lick. To qualify as a lick, the phrase must stand out in some way. As far back as I can remember, licks were … Continue reading

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The Universal Scale Game

In my last post I mentioned Taffanel and Gaubert’s daily exercises. One of the most popular of these has been nicknamed the Scale Game. It might be more accurately named the Pentachord Game as it only covers 5 notes of … Continue reading

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The Other Jazz Scale

Every now and again, you’re working on a piece and you hit a passage that keeps tripping you up and you don’t know why. When that happens, it’s a sign you are about to embark on some brain re-wiring. I … Continue reading

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Your Three Instruments

1st Instrument : your horn Learning to be a musician begins with mastering your instrument. An instrument is supposed to be that thing that you bang or blow out notes on. Your voice. Why is it even called an instrument? An … Continue reading

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Musical education, the wasted years

I am sometimes asked: What is the best way to learn to read music? How can I learn to “read flyshit off a wall”? The best tip I can offer is to make sure it’s music that you really want … Continue reading

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You get back what you put in

One of the dangers of transcribing music, often encountered by ethnomusicologists, is that of forgetting that what you write down and the music itself are two different things. Or as I keep saying, the map is not the territory. I … Continue reading

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Playing what you hear vs. the instrument playing YOU

If we break down our focus of “playing like singing in the shower” into its component parts, using our hard-earned Intervallic Awareness to help us find the notes, we would end up with some scheme such as: Imagine a melody … Continue reading

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How to make modular bass panpipes for classroom, stage and studio

Most bass riffs you get called upon to play contain between three and five notes, so why not assemble just the tubes you need for each tune – in the order they come, to keep it simple and lightweight? I … Continue reading

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The ingredients of improvising musicianship

So you want to build your massive improvising musicianship, and I hear you ask: what does that consist of? And how do I go about getting it? Inspired by coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of success,  I came up with the pyramid you … Continue reading

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